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The rules described here summarise the general behaviour of all Radix Lecti members. By applying for membership or being a member you intend to respect these rules and uphold the good name of the kin.

1 - General Kin Description

  • Radix Lecti is a light RP Lotro kin on the Laurelin Server, consisting of friendly and mature people who want to play the game for fun and make it a cool and relaxed experience (Radix Lecti means Couch Potatoes).

2 - Our goal

  • Our purpose is to enjoy all aspects of the game in a stress-free environment, which includes:
    • grouping and questing together
    • working towards the enhancement of our characters (equipment, craft skills, traits, ...)
    • PvMP
    • Raiding
    • Organising kin events and funky RP parties

3 - Our spirit

  • Radix Lecti is a big family and the kin spirit is easy to understand: be cool, be nice to members, respect them and help them when you can. This also means: don't beg for help, money or materials; don't be rude; and do try to help other people before asking for help yourself.
  • The same thing applies to other players on the server: respect them and present a good image of yourself and the kin. We do not tolerate gold farming, ninja looting, scamming, griefing, aggressive behaviour towards other people or any other bad behaviour towards others.

4 - Organisation

  • Our organisation is based on democracy and is aimed at allowing alll kin members to express their opinions and see them taken into account.
  • Important rules and decisions are submitted for vote and nothing is decided or acted on without the agreement of the majority of members.
  • The officers are here to make sure the whole system is working correctly - they centralise kin members requests, examine them and submit decision proposals for voting. They have an organisational role more than an operational role. Operational roles (i.e. organising events, leading raids and such) can be taken by both officers and regular members depending on the context.
  • Members should take an active role in the life of the kinship - they can organise and lead events, and propose ideas to improve the kin. They are the core of the kinship and the quality of the kin depends on them.
  • Our forums play a major role in our organisation - this is where discussions are held, voting takes place, and events organised.

5 - Members' rights and rules of conduct

  • Members can submit their ideas, give their opinions, and vote on all big decisions proposed by officers
  • Members must be friendly and helpful to other members
  • Begging, insulting, selfish, greedy, inappropriate behaviour towards other characters (especially female characters), and all other kinds of childish or rude behaviour is not tolerated
  • We expect members to be mature i.e. to understand LOTRO is just a game made of 1's and 0's and that it's their behaviour that gives the real value to it. They have to be relaxed, open minded and a sense of humour is a big plus
  • Members are expected to put most of their efforts and activity into the good life of the kin and its events. Participating in events organised by non-kin people while refusing to join events of the same kind organised by the kin will be tolerated occasionally but not in the long term
  • Members must register on the forums and read them frequently. They also have to put their info in the kin roster and update them frequently. When someone leaves the kin his access to the forums is closed
  • Members must also behave in an appropriate manner on the forums, which means flaming, scamming and such will not be accepted
  • Members are RL people, not just characters - that means we want everybody's main char to be in the kin and when someone is leaving all their alts are also removed from the kin. Having alts in a different kin is fine if it's for RP reasons or if you want a character you only play with friends, but your main character should be in the kin, and you should not expect the kin to help with your non kin alts
  • Members are recruited via a formalised recruitment process (see recruitment rules)

6 - Officers rights and rules of conduct

  • Officers are here to manage the organisation and running of the kin. They perform or monitor all the organisational tasks such as organising votes, administrating the forums, managing the kin bank, ensuring events run smoothly, enforcing kin rules, proposing decisions and so on.
  • For each specific task, an officer is assigned responsibility and will work under the supervision of the leader and/or the other officers.
  • Officers are named by the guild leader after discussions with the officer crew. New officers are chosen among the most active and respected players in the kin. Anyone in the kin can nominate a new officer (however you cannot nominate yourself).
  • Officers deal with the recruitment of new kin members as per the current recruitment policy.
  • Officers should generally keep private any discussions about kin members - for example, discussions on someone who has been suggested as an officer, or the reasons why someone has been expelled from the kin.

7 - The kin leader

  • The kin leader is responsible for the general direction of the kin and supervising the officers' crews’ activity. Any complaints about officers are the primary responsibility of the kin leader.
  • The kin leader is ultimately responsible for the smooth running of the kin and is accountable to all the members of the kin. If a member is not happy with how the kin leader is running the kin, they can either post a poll asking for the kin leader to step down, or approach the deputy leader to discuss the matter further. The deputy leader can then post a poll asking for the leader to step down on behalf of other members of the kin if they wish to remain anonymous.

8 - Raiding

  • Raids are special events with specific rules for their organisation, leadership and loot distribution. There is therefore a specific section for raiding rules (see raiding and looting rules)

9 - Banning

  • When a player is obviously breaking one of the kin's rules, they will get a warning from the officers
  • If after a maximum of 2 warnings the player does not change their conduct, the officer will then raise a vote to decide if the player will be banned from the kin
  • Officers will use their judgement in disciplinary actions. Certain actions are serious enough to warrant an expulsion from the kin without warning - for example inappropriate behaviour in some cases, aggressive or threatening behaviour, and scamming. On other occasions it may be enough to forgo a formal warning and accept an apology to the kin if the kin member is acting in a manner which is out of character.
  • Officers do not make these decisions on their own and will discuss all actions with fellow officers, the leader or deputy. If an officer needs to give a player a warning then the officer will make a post on the officer forum. For expulsion the officer will again create a post on the officer forum, and inform the Leader and deputy along with the offending member via in-game mail, and also send a Tell if they are online.
  • If someone feels that they did not deserve a kick or warning from an officer then they should appeal to the kin leader, or the deputy kin leader if it was the kin leader that carried out the disciplinary action.

External contacts have been listed as Rollie, Bardori, Erebthoron, Pathro and Frebor for problems with our players.